Sometimes I write fanfiction but that usually trails off into half-arsed Red Dwarf AU's. Top that off with far too much Benedict Cumberbatch to be considered healthy, occasional angsting and attempts to be funny and that sums up everything I do on here atm. Additional: I'm usually bloomoonbaby elsewhere on the internet

Two thoughts on waking up, first I’d much rather have that guy from the Simpsons who really loves walruses than Key as prime minister and two there is definitely fan fic out there where Mr Smithers is a Sub and his Dom is either Mr Burns or someone who wears a Mr Burns mask.

The latter makes me feel skeezy and the former still makes sense in my logic. Also I had awful dreams last night, dream self cried a lot and got lost. Found a caring friend or family member but then got lost again. It was frustrating to watch. Thanks brain for that concoction. At least it didn’t put certain people in this time.

Good morning BTW follower I hope you enjoyed what appears to be a stream of consciousness™